Massages & Prices

Because everyone is unique, each treatment is personalized: 

  • Therapeutic massage
    The therapeutical massage deeply acts on all muscle tenseness, be it caused physically, psychologically, enerqetically or emotionally.

  • Classic massage
    The classic body massage offers a moment of relaxation, it‘s a bubble of well-being that enables the body to breathe and to relax.

  • Sports massage
    Muscular and physical recuperation! A sports massage allows for an optimal recuperation and prevents muscular fatigue, thus reducing the risks of injury.

  • Acupressurce
    Acupressure is based on the stimulation of the meridians which are located along imaginary lines of the body. Acupressure can help to relieve pain, to limit the negative impacts of stress on the body, to mitigate fatigue, anxiety and nervousness and therefore contributes to improving the quality of your sleep.

  • Thai massage
    This type of massage is either performed on the floor or on a massage table. The treatment of the energy lines improves the lymphatic as well as the blood circulation. It can relieve you from disturbed joint functions, brings the body, spirit, and soul naturally into harmony and releases positive emotions.

  • Foot massage
    A foot massage equilibrates the metabolism and the nervous system, too. Various stretching exercises on ankles and feet are performed, with the support of a wooden rod.

  • Tanaka Min (oriental massage)
    The Tanaka Min massage is performed on the floor. Movements and stretchings are synchronized with the respiration of the patient.


  45 minutes: CHF   80.--
  60 minutes: CHF 100.--
  90 minutes: CHF 150.--

Prices home: 
  from CHF   150--